The Fortress Stabilisation Story Starts in the USA!

Fortress USA's proprietor, Ed Wheatley, possesses profound expertise in basement and infrastructure reinforcement.
His entrepreneurial journey commenced in 1982 with the establishment of his maiden enterprise, Extang, situated directly above his parental basement.
Fast forward to 1998, Wheatley returned to his roots by venturing into the renovation and fortification of basements with the inception of Fortress Stabilisation Systems.
Wheatley's trajectory from his familial basement to the broader market was marked by a series of pivotal events.
Alongside his entrepreneurial pursuits, Wheatley harboured a passion for competitive sailing, which served as a catalyst for his foray into the realm of Fortress.
His triumph in the renowned Bayview Yacht Club Race in 1997 propelled him towards crafting his own 50-foot carbon fibre catamaran a year later, garnering the attention of industry stalwarts such as the Ford Motor Company.
This recognition led to his engagement in designing and constructing concept cars, subsequently earning acclaim in leading automotive publications.
Transitioning away from automotive endeavours, Wheatley embraced a new calling in basement and structural repair, catalysed by a fortuitous encounter with Todd Jackson, a seasoned expert in basement foundation work.
Leveraging his expertise in carbon fibre, Wheatley revolutionised the field by founding Fortress, driven by a vision to enhance implementation and design standards.
This departure from the automotive sector proved fortuitous, culminating in significant achievements.
Following the sale of Extang to Truck Hero in 2007, Wheatley's tenure at Fortress witnessed the filing of 12 patents for stabilisation design, alongside the relocation of operations from Ann Arbor to a sprawling 25,000-square-foot facility in Holland, Michigan.
Continued success ensued through a steadfast commitment to excellence.
Fortress Stabilisation Systems emerged as a premier manufacturer catering to large-scale infrastructure repair projects, spanning bridges and carparks.
After an arduous three-year journey to fulfil stringent building code compliance standards, Fortress attained full accreditation from the International Code Council, earning the coveted ICC-ES endorsement.
Expanding its footprint globally, Fortress Stabilisation Europe now serves 44 countries, offering comprehensive technical guidance, product solutions, and project management expertise.
A chance meeting in Las Vegas at the World of Concrete show in early 2024 led to discussions between Roger Line and the senior team at Fortress.
Its now Fortress Stabilisation Europe's objective to educate, supply and support the concrete industry across multiple channels.