Carbon Corner

A Pre-impregnated Semi Rigid Carbon Fibre Brace For Stopping Corner Separation

The carbon corner is a pre-impregnated semi rigid carbon fibre brace for stopping corner separation.

Its dimensions are 2' x 2' and it is designed to flex around a corner of roughly 90 degrees.

The carbon corner is most effective when installed with ReGrid extensions, which extend the bonding surface area creating a more secure bond with the substrates.

Alternatively, in some applications carbon corners can be used with anchored or un-anchored vertical straps.

Product Use

Corner straps are specifically designed for the reinforcement and/or repair of concrete or masonry foundation wall corners and restoring the structural integrity to damaged foundation corners.

Individual straps are available for those not needing the Corner Stitching Kit.

In addition to the repair of concrete and masonry foundation wall corners and edges, the Corner Strap can be used for any concrete or masonry wall repair where a 90° structural repair or reinforcement is needed.

Product Advantages
  • Low profile and can be installed behind brick facade or other building facades.
  • Legs or overlaps can be added to extend loads
  • Parge coats and painting can be used for aesthetics
  • Installs in same fashion as straight carbon plate or grids
  • Reduces or illuminates contractor error in bending FRP to far to carry load
  • Peel-ply technology on both sides for increased bonding capabilities.
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