Reinforcement Grid Technology

About ReGrid

ReGrid (Reinforcement Grid) technology is a patented composite material for the reinforcement of concrete structures.

It provides a tensile strength of nearly 300psi and eliminates the hassles of “wetting out” FRP fabrics, making it particularly advantageous for overhead installations.

Beyond that, ReGrid provides a VOID FREE, VISIBLE BOND eliminating mis-installation concerns of voids, bubbling, and de-bonding as often experienced with a typical fabric FRP laminate.

ReGrid consists of 60k Carbon Fiber tows (each with a tensile strength of approximately 1,500 lbs) complimented by Kevlar® cross threads which create the open grid.

This open grid allows a structural epoxy to form bonding rivets to the substrate. This patented process is called Adhesive Riveting Technology (A.R.T.).

ReGrid can be used in surface mount applications or can be cut in to the substrate for a near surface mount installation, in which either an epoxy or cementitious material can be used as a bonding agent.

ReGrid is available in up to 90m rolls.


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