Segmental Kevlar

A Non-Corrosive Solution for long term seam protection.
About Fortress Segmental Kevlar®

Segmental joints on bridges and box culverts are notorious for requiring regular repairs due to the corrosion of failed reinforcement steel.

Traditional sealants fall short of providing long term protection of the seams, allowing water and salt to protrude and cause steel deterioration.

The Fortress Segmental Kevlar® system uses a proprietary weave utilising DuPont Kevlar® fibres to add a layer of protection across the seams prior to the overlay being installed.

The process consists of scarifying the surface area, applying a two-lift epoxy, placing the Kevlar® in place, then rolling it out with more epoxy.

Finally, an aggregate is broadcast over the Kevlar and the surface is ready for a final overlay.

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