Cracked Floor – Magistrates Court

Suspended Floor Repair with Fortress Stabilisation Products

The Challenge
A local magistrates court was facing a serious issue with the cells in their building. Cracks had begun to appear in the suspended floor, raising concerns about the structural integrity and safety of the facility. The court needed a reliable and effective solution to repair the damage and ensure the cells were fit for purpose.
The Solution:

Structural Repairs, a global specialist in concrete scanning and repairing using the latest product and material technology, was called in to assess the situation and propose a remedial fix.

After a thorough inspection, their team determined that the best course of action was to use Fortress Stabilisation Products, specifically their carbon fibre and Kevlar-based re-grid technology in conjunction with epoxy resin.

The re-grid technology is a high-strength, lightweight reinforcement system that utilizes carbon fibre and Kevlar materials.

When applied in a grid pattern over the cracked area and bonded with epoxy resin, it creates a strong, reinforced layer that distributes stress evenly across the floor.

The Process:

Structural Repairs' skilled technicians began by preparing the cracked area of the suspended floor, ensuring it was clean and free of debris.

They then cut the carbon fibre and Kevlar re-grid sheets to the appropriate size and shape to cover the damaged area.

Next, the epoxy resin was mixed and applied to the floor, and the re-grid sheets were carefully laid over the resin, ensuring full contact and adhesion.

The resin was allowed to cure, creating a robust, durable repair that would withstand the daily stresses of the courthouse cells.

Finally, the team applied a finishing layer over the repaired area to blend it seamlessly with the surrounding floor, leaving the surface looking as good as new.

The Result:

Thanks to the use of Fortress Stabilisation Products and Structural Repairs' expertise in concrete scanning and repair, the magistrates court cells now have a suspended floor that is structurally sound and fit for purpose.

The carbon fibre and Kevlar-based re-grid technology, combined with epoxy resin, provided a cost-effective and long-lasting solution, giving the court peace of mind and ensuring the safety of those using the facilities.

The client was extremely satisfied with the results and praised Structural Repairs for their professionalism and efficiency throughout the project.

This successful repair showcases the effectiveness of Fortress Stabilisation Products and Structural Repairs' commitment to delivering high-quality, rapid remedial work.


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