Re-Grid Technology to Strengthen Cracked Beam

Structural Repairs Uses Fortress Europe's Re-Grid Technology to Strengthen Cracked Beam in Urgent Repair for Major UK Company


The affected beam, a critical component of a multi-story building owned by the major UK company, had developed a series of cracks due to a combination of factors, including excessive loading and aging of the structure.

The cracks, ranging from hairline to 2mm in width, extended along the bottom surface of the beam, compromising its load-bearing capacity and raising concerns about the overall stability of the building.

The Solution:

Structural Repairs, with their team of experienced engineers, chose to employ Fortress Europe's Re-Grid crack technology to address the cracked beam.

This technology involves the use of a specially designed grid system made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant carbon fibre and Kevlar.


The process began with a thorough cleaning of the cracked surface, followed by the application of a high-performance epoxy resin to fill the cracks and provide a smooth, even surface for the grid installation.

The Re-Grid system was then carefully placed over the treated area, with the grid strands running perpendicular to the cracks to provide maximum reinforcement.


Once the grid was in place, a second layer of epoxy resin was applied to fully embed the grid and create a monolithic bond between the existing concrete and the reinforcing material.

This process effectively distributed the stresses across the beam, relieving the pressure on the cracked sections and enhancing the overall structural integrity.

The Result:

The application of Fortress Europe's Re-Grid crack technology by Structural Repairs proved to be a resounding success in strengthening the cracked beam.
Post-repair testing and analysis revealed a significant improvement in the beam's load-bearing capacity and a reduction in the risk of further crack propagation.

The repair work was completed within a compact timeline, addressing the urgency of the situation and minimizing disruption to the company's operations.
The use of Re-Grid technology also provided a cost-effective solution compared to more traditional repair methods, such as beam replacement or extensive reinforcement with external steel plates.

The successful implementation of Fortress Europe's Re-Grid crack technology by Structural Repairs in this urgent repair project for a major UK company highlights the effectiveness and versatility of this innovative approach.

By providing a reliable, efficient, and economical solution for strengthening cracked concrete elements, Fortress Europe's Re-Grid technology, as applied by Structural Repairs, has the potential to revolutionise the field of structural repairs in the UK and beyond.

As companies increasingly prioritise the safety and longevity of their built assets, the adoption of cutting-edge repair techniques, such as Fortress Europe's Re-Grid crack technology, and the expertise of repair companies like Structural Repairs will be essential in addressing critical structural issues promptly and effectively.

This case study demonstrates the successful collaboration between innovative product suppliers and skilled repair professionals in tackling urgent and complex challenges in the UK construction industry.

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